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American Machinery Dealers Association members proudly display their emblem. This emblem identifies dealers who concur with AMDA's high standards of business practice.

It is a symbol of integrity and reliability. It also recognizes dealers who have a wide range of technical experience, and access to data to help manufacturers improve their productivity.

The code of ethics underwriting this emblem provides that each AMDA member will:
1. Carry out the spirit and letter of all agreements and contracts in which he or she engages, both verbal and written.

2. Respond to inquiries and offer machinery and equipment described as accurately as he or she is able as per:

  • Name of manufacturer
  • Serial number
  • Condition
  • Specifications
  • Adherence to standard industry terms and definitions

  • 3. Honor every option given a prospective buyer.

    4. Advise prospective customers of conditions and circumstances of sale when offering customer owned machinery and equipment through a brokerage arrangement.

    5. Accept within 30 days from shipment any machinery and equipment sold with a return privilege, freight prepaid, for refund of the purchase price if proven mechanically unsatisfactory or repair at dealer's option.


    As is: Machine offered in its present condition with no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied.

    Where is: Machine offered where presently located with all costs of removal to be borne by the purchaser. The seller should specify where the machine is located.

    C & F: Cost including Carriage & Freight. Insurance is the responsibility of the buyer.

    C.I.F.: Cost including Carriage Insurance & Freight.

    F.A.S.: Freight alongside ship. All freight paid to bring machine alongside ship.

    F.O.B.: Free on board. Properly loaded in a manner acceptable to common carrier. The seller must specify if machine is offered f.o.b. (cars or trucks).

    F.O.L.: Free on Lorry -- on road vehicle to be mutually agreed upon.

    F.O.R.: Free on Rail. All costs paid to bring machine aboard railway vehicle.

    Sight Draft Bill of Landing: Shipping documents demanding evidence of payment in full prior to unloading.

    Skidded: Machine fitted with suitable runners and cross pieces acceptable to commercial carriers.

    New: Machine never used and never installed for service.

    Unused: Machine never installed for service.

    Overhauled: Machine restored to serviceable condition and checked under power.

    Rebuilt (U.S.A.): Machine completely disassembled all worn or broken parts replaced excessive wear compensated for, tested under power, and subject to standard 30-day guarantee.

    Rebuilt (European): Machine completely stripped bearing surfaces re machined and worn or broken parts replaced where necessary The machine guaranteed to original limits of accuracy.

    Reconditioned: Worn or broken parts replaced where necessary: machine adjusted for accuracy to stated limits and checked under power.

    Inspection Under Power: Machine electrically connected for demonstration to representative or buyer.

    First Refusal: First refusal is a hold for a clearly specified time during which seller is obligated to offer first right of purchase for immediate acceptance to holder of first refusal against any other purchaser.

    Option: Option is a hold on machine for a clearly specified time during which seller cannot accept an order for machine except from holder of option.

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